Over the years, and seemingly without much strategy, Queenscapes has and continues to evolve from my own personal Instagram photo project to a virtual cultural quide of Queens. It's been an amazing transformation to watch firsthand how many folks refer to the page and directly inquire with me about the latest happenings in Queens. 

I've been extremely fortunate to have built a network of a few Queens based influencers in many different fields. For them I rely on a lot of the material I post on Queenscapes. But these amazing and generous few are not the only sources I rely on for Queens news, upcoming events and even the basis for own group photography exhibits.

Our main source for most Queens news is simple: Queens newspapers. I spend more time perusing local Queens publications than actually taking photos. The Queens Courier, The Queens Chronicle, The Times Ledger, The Queens Tribune, The Queens Examiner and even the Queens Library Magazine are all on my go to list each week.

So while we already give you photography and culture and event updates at Queenscapes, we will now also give you some Queens news.

#QnsWeek will be offered by us via our Instagram story feed and will consist of all the stories we feel should be highlighted in Queens each week, along with upcoming special event updates. With the new Instagram "highlight" feature, it allows us to archive and keep these stories available long past the usual 24 hour viewing period.

So far the feedback has been super positive and we hope to get more in depth each week. We are relying on you to tell us about the things you want to see more of in Queens. This feature just like everything else we do, is for you. 

Words by Adolfo Steve Vazquez Photo provided by Times Ledger newspapers