Artist Spotlight - Brother Maars


I came across Brother Maars’ work on Instagram casually, from the explore page I believe.

Immediately I was taken by not only his vibrant and colorful artwork, but also by the commentary that accompanied his images. Words of a man being pushed to the brink, but not over. Silver linings around each corner, words from an eternal optimist.

Maars’ work is heavily influenced by hip hop and his upbringing as an African American in this country. With his over the top images of sexuality, social commentary, and his firm grasp on pop culture themes, I felt Maars’ paintings really spoke to me and to folks who grew up in my generation.

Maars, also known as by his first name, Jamar, says of his work, “Abstract in concept, but relatable in subject. Comedic yet inspirational.”

The painting above is a depiction of Jamar’s cousin Zeke. He writes:

“Not just amazing on the courts, but one of the kindest, a real humanitarian, he made me a burger. To me Zeke represents the heart of the youth, his ability to bounce back and go past limitations is what inspires me most about him. Here, he is seen encouraging the kids of China to leap. No luck needed, no safety net required.”

We are honored to announce that Jamar, the Brother Maars has offered one of his original paintings to be raffled this Saturday night for our culminating pop-up photo exhibit at Neirs Tavern in Woodside for our #QUCaresDrive18 charity event.

To view Maars work go to right now.

Photo by Jamar Brother Maars Words by Adolfo Steve Vazquez & Jamar Brother Maars