#FMCoronaPark18 Photo Walk Recap


Two weeks ago on Saturday afternoon on June 30th we ventured out with a group that consisted of almost 50 participants total, to venture out to explore the underappreciated and underexposed Southern section of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

The photo walk was the first event of a two part program, titled #FMCoronaPark18, and was created by the Queenscapes team in collaboration with the Flushing Meadows Corona Park Community Advisory Board, the Alliance for Flushing Meadows Park, the New York City Parks Department, and the Queens Museum as an initiative to help re-establish NYC parks as viable resource for the general public and to promote healthier communities within the boroughs.

While we were excited to host this photo walk, our first of 2018, we were a little concerned with the weather forecast, days leading into the event. Local stations advised that everyone should stay home and stay cool. We even threw the idea around of postponing the walk, considering that even though we expected a few brave souls to march on with us, that our overall engagement and impact would be affected significantly.

I’m glad to say we choose not to postpone. While the number of participants was lower than we expected, the folks that did come quickly became acquainted and comfortable with each other. The heatwave that everyone was scared about, became the cause we rallied around. 

We made multiple and additional stops along our walking route, and we checked in with each other as the heat intensified throughout the day. We kept an eye out on the older participants and made sure we communicated with everyone as much as possible.

I also really believe because we were so united in the beginning of our meet, it lead us to be entrusted with the safety of a minor teenage girl.

Her mom introduced herself briefly to me, and plainly stated that she wanted her daughter here by herself. She expressed that she wanted her daughter to break out of her shell and felt that this photo walk was the perfect opportunity. 

So even though we certainly did not reach the numbers we projected, 140 registered on Eventbrite, I do not believe without the heatwave, we would not have had a reason to be as united as we were. Or maybe it was because most of the day's participants were Queens natives, and we inherently, are tougher than most.

Folks, we invite you all to the second half of #FMCoronaPark18, a two-day pop-up photo exhibit that starts on Saturday, July 21st, 2018.

Click on the Queens Museum link below for more details:


Photo by Mike Shain Words by Adolfo Steve Vazquez