#FMCoronaPark18 Photo Exhibit Recap


 “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King

While community building has always been one of the tenets of Queenscapes, lately it seems like it stands at the very forefront of what we do today.

With the culmination of the two part program #FMCoronaPark18, one of our  biggest accomplishments with the project is not just the community engagement and healthy living initiatives we successfully reached, but also how we managed to continually foster the already thoughtful and caring Queenscapes community.

Even though a goal for each project is to reach out to as many new folks, to expand and tap into as many diverse audiences as possible, in Queens and beyond, we really care about our original core of supporters that have followed us from our early days, when we were just pictures on Instagram.

It is because of the original diehard Queens enthusiasts, the original Queens kids, that helped us build the steam that is currently still flowing from one project to the next.  It is because of the select few that spread the word wide enough, that we feel we must stay loyal to the continual building of our community instead of simply taking and posting nice photos of Queens.

So it was an honor to be able to have these same core group of followers along for the ride into the Queens Museum a couple weeks ago. It was an honor to have their photos alongside mine in a space that has always been a goal for me to eventually exhibit in.

Special shout-out to Charles Valencia of Jackson Heights, but currently in Glen Oaks. Charles has followed me for over 4 years, consistently offering feedback, and participating in as much Queenscapes IRL events as he possibly can.

Just a couple weeks before the exhibit, Charles approached me to get some advice about an idea he had for his old neighborhood.  A lifelong Queens native, he wanted to give back to his community he loved and lived in, in the best way he knew how. I was honored that he thought of me to present his idea, impressed with his plan, and overjoyed that we inspired him enough to take action in his hometown.

Fast forward a couple weeks later, and Charles Valencia of Jackson Heights, becomes the random (key word) Grand Prize winner of the #FMCoronaPark18 Photo Contest acquiring two round trip tickets on a Delta Airlines flight.

Just recently back from a family vacation to Seattle, Charles is pictured above being embraced by his daughter and surrounded by his wife and son, at the announcement of his prize. Fitting for a guy who embraced the idea of Queenscapes early on, and helped us create the community he currently strives in. Well deserved Charles.

Photo and words by Adolfo Steve Vazquez