#Queenscapes reaches 30K


30,000 hashtags, wow. That’s 30K in Instagram language, and while I’ve seen a bunch of hashtags explode way past the 100K mark in the same 4 ½ years since I started #Queenscapes, I’m still proud at how far it has come.

While the follower count on IG has leveled off, the growth of the #Queenscapes hashtag has been consistently growing throughout the years, and today, it is basically double the amount of our total follower count on Instagram.

Lately though, with the ease of purchasing followers and the lack of integrity in which some folks use their accounts, your follower count doesn’t measure your engagement to your audience as accurately as the use of an universal hashtag.

A hashtag in our case that is not the easiest to spell out, not the shortest one to type. #Queenscapes with one “s”, not two.

Today, I thank everyone who has every used the #Queenscapes hashtag past, present and future. Because of you I have kept on, because of you I know the Queens community still needs this Instagram page.

(Also stay tuned on our Instagram page for an upcoming #Queenscapes 30K celebration / fundraising event coming soon folks.)


Words and photo by Adolfo Steve Vazquez