Queenscapes pick of the Month - Planton Movil @ the Queens Museum

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Plantón Móvil is an ongoing project by artist Lucia Monge. Produced in collaboration with local communities, this iteration explores migration and plant-human relationships, specifically from the perspective of local immigrant communities and how they connect to their heritage as well as the green spaces of the city.

Lucia Monge started bringing people and plants together as Plantón Móvil in Lima, Peru. This is a participatory, walking forest performance that occurs annually and leads to the creation of public green areas.

“Plantón” is the word in Spanish for a sapling, a young tree that is ready to be planted into the ground. It is also the word for a sit-in. This project takes on both: the green to be planted and the peaceful protest. It is about giving plants and trees the opportunity to “walk” down the streets of a city that is also theirs. This walking forest performance culminates with the creation of a public green area.


12-2pm: Building Plant-Human Connectors Workshop

Join us for this drop-in workshop where we will build unique carrying devices tailored to the specific needs and dimensions of the plant you will be walking with, as well as share stories of our plant-human relationships. 

2-5pm: Plantón Móvil 

The collective walk will depart from the Queens Museum after a welcome by the artist. The 30 min. walk through Flushing Meadows Corona Park will be accompanied by music and culminate in a tree planting ceremony.

For more information and updates, please visit the Plantón Móvil event page on our website. With additional questions, please contact: cgrau@queensmuseum.org