Flashback Friday - #QueenscapesReads


In honor of #FlashbackFriday, we go back to October 2014, over 6 years ago, for our first collaboration with the Queens Library.

Back then the Queenscapes project was still a solo endeavor, and the handle of our Instagram page was: @Mr.Queenscapes. Thankfully, the name didn’t last long and I shortened it to something that made more sense to us and who we are as a group.

It was while I was sitting in the Main Street - Flushing branch of the Queens Library when I realized that I was just followed by the Queens Library’s Instagram page. I thought the coincidence was super eery, but I also immediately realized that I needed to respond back quickly, while the follow was still fresh.

In an effort to help the Queens Library get more exposure on their Instagram page as well as promote readership throughout the borough I came up with #QueenscapesReads.

The idea was simple:

Take over the Queens Library Instagram page for a week with my own original photos for one week. Each day, I would post a photo of a selected Queens Library branch along with a quote from a novel, short story or poem based in the matching neighborhood of the selected branch.

The take over was well received and also eventually lead to working with the Queens Library on some pretty cool collaborations.

Attached below is press we received from the dearly departed DNAinfo for the #QueenscapesReads. The piece was written by our Queens comrade Katie Honan and current City Hall scribe for the Wall Street Journal:


Words and photo by Adolfo Steve Vazquez